New Dancers

We welcome new dancers at the start of each season in September.  Couples and individuals are welcome.

The Dots & Dashers square dance lessons are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at the Sunalta Community Centre.  We offer a weekly series of two-hour lessons, running  from September to April each year.  The lessons are taught by our caller, Tom Dakers, assisted by our experienced dancers.

Square dance moves are organized into three categories, Basic One, Basic Two and Mainstream. The term Mainstream is also used to describe the moves in all three of these categories combined. During the lessons, new dancers will learn all moves in the Mainstream program, starting with the easier moves and gradually adding new moves as they gain experience.

Elves Night Out
At our pre-Christmas Dance, we invite new dancers from other clubs to join us for a beginner level dance.

New Dancers Jamboree
In January or February each year, the Calgary Callers Association hosts a novice-level dance, which gives the dance students from all the local clubs an opportunity to get together.

Calgary & District Graduates Ball
In May, Calgary & District hosts a dance for all the dancers who have been taking lessons in the current season.

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